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close-up photography of a microphone in front of a calm dark background. PIER logo with red and cyan square in upper right corner, "Science CHatter Hamburg" in lower left corner 0

Science Chatter Hamburg Podcast Trailer

Trailer for the Science Chatter Hamburg Podcast which launches in fall 2021 and which will bring you episodes produced by PhD students and Postdocs from Hamburg. The podcast is organized by Theresa Schredelseker, Coordinator at PIER, the strategic partnership between Uni Hamburg and DESY. Physicist and science communicator Michael Büker will be the podcast host. In this trailer Theresa and Michael talk briefly about the project and the plan for fall 2021. The intro music uses the sound “Turn On – Science Fiction.wav” by ApolloJavras (https://freesound.org/s/269082/) licensed under CCBY-NC 3.0.