Listen! Our Podcast Trailer is here

It’s September and we are very excited to venture new grounds with Science Chatter Hamburg: We go Podcast! Listen to our trailer and stay tuned for several episodes full of nerdy science talk from our PhD students and Postdocs from the PIER research fields: Particle and Astroparticle Physics, Nanosciences, Photon Science and Infection and Structural Biology.

Science Chatter Hamburg is a project by PIER, the strategic partnership between Uni Hamburg and DESY. It is coordinated by Theresa Schredelseker. Michael Büker is the podcast host. The intro music uses these sounds from freesound: “physics note.flac” by arseniiv ( and “Weird_Shark_Noise.wav” by Shaddius ( both licensed under CC0 as well as “Turn On – Science Fiction.wav” by ApolloJavras ( licensed under CCBY-NC 3.0

Theresa Schredelseker

As a molecular biologist by training, Theresa is currently trying to share her enthusiasm for science communication with early career researchers at DESY and Uni Hamburg.

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