Listen! Our Podcast Trailer is here

It’s September and we are very excited to venture new grounds with Science Chatter Hamburg: We go Podcast! Listen to our trailer and stay tuned for several episodes full of nerdy science talk from our PhD students and Postdocs from the PIER research fields: Particle and Astroparticle Physics, Nanosciences, Photon Science and Infection and Structural Biology.

Science Chatter Hamburg is a project by PIER, the strategic partnership between Uni Hamburg and DESY. It is coordinated by Theresa Schredelseker. Michael B√ľker is the podcast host. The intro music uses these sounds from freesound: “physics note.flac” by arseniiv ( and “Weird_Shark_Noise.wav” by Shaddius ( both licensed under CC0 as well as “Turn On – Science Fiction.wav” by ApolloJavras ( licensed under CCBY-NC 3.0

Theresa Schredelseker

As a molecular biologist by training, Theresa is currently trying to share her enthusiasm for science communication with early career researchers at DESY and Uni Hamburg.

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