Science Slams

A science slam is perhaps the most entertaining form of science communication. It is not a battle of wits but a friendly competition about who can win the audience over his or her area of research. In that aspect, it is much like a poetry slam spoken word event. It can be a funny talk, a story, some peculiar facts about science and research. PIER was holding their first Science Slam on May 4, 2022, in the DESY auditorium in Hamburg, Bahrenfeld.

PhD students from various research institutions of the Bahrenfeld research campus joined a workshop in which they were trained and coached for their stage performance. In this workshop we were lucky enough to work together with Philipp Gadow as instructor. Philipp is an experienced science slammer and postdoctoral researcher at DESY. Michael Büker and Matthias Mader helped with coaching the slammers and hosting the show. And what a show this was! 🤩 Lots of thanks also go out to the amazing audience. Check out the videos of their slams below.