Note on Accessibility

PIER seeks to make its website,, fully accessible to people with disabilities. This process is based on the Hamburg act on equal treatment for disabled persons (Hamburgisches Gesetz zur Gleichstellung behinderter Menschen, HmbGGbM) and the ordinance on barrier-free information technology (Barrierefreie-Informationstechnik-Verordnung, BITV 2.0).

A website self-check for accessibility revealed some text on background having low contrast. We will try to reach a minimum contrast ratio of 4.5 to 1 for all text over background in upcoming website updates. Since the Logos of PIER, Universität Hamburg and DESY are part of the banner image, the text parts of these logo do not scale linearily with the website text and thus might not increase in size sufficiently to be accessible for everyone. These logo texts, however, do not communicate essential content. The nature of PIER is also explained in an accessible article. For all images which are not purely decorative we attribute alt text describing the image content.

This note was written on 16 February 2021.


If you notice any barriers that impair access to the content at or have questions about accessibility or need help receiving or sending certain content please contact the administrator of this website:

Dr. Theresa Schredelseker
PIER Education Platform
Notkestrasse 85; Building 61
22607 Hamburg, Germany
Tel.: +49 40 8998 5503
Mail: theresa.schredelseker[at]

Arbitration procedure

The Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg is establishing an ombudsperson’s office. The ombudsperson will receive information and complaints about existing barriers, play the role of an independent arbitration body, and work with those affected to develop accessibility solutions.

You can email the ombudsperson‘s office at: