Gravitational Waves from Bubbles in the Particle Soup – Video by Jorinde van de Vis

When the universe was still young, it was very hot, and filled with all kinds of elementary particles. In this video, Jorinde, a psotdoctoral researcher at DESY, talks about a phase transition that possibly took place in this particle soup, at the moment when the Higgs field started to give mass to the other particles. In this phase transition, gravitational waves could have been formed, and, in the future, they might be measured with accurate detectors.

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Jorinde is a postdoctoral researcher in the Theory group at DESY and is affiliated with the Quantum Universe Cluster of Excellence. Her research interest lies at the interface of particle physics and cosmology. Some of her favorite research topics are gravitational waves, cosmological phase transitions, the generation of the matter-antimatter asymmetry and inflation.

Jorinde joined our video workshop in which Adam and Joseph helped participants to create a science video in just two days. We are amazed that this actually worked so well with our PhD students and Postdocs creating amazing videos. 🤩

Watch her video to learn how the cooling down of an early universe particle soup led to expanding particles which bump into each other – to form gravitational waves.

Theresa Schredelseker

As a molecular biologist by training, Theresa is currently trying to share her enthusiasm for science communication with early career researchers at DESY and Uni Hamburg.

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