Daily Life of a PhD – Video by Ana Ventura Barroso

In her YouTube video, Ana invites us to join a normal day as an experimental particle physicist doing a PhD at DESY. Ana works at the Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) experiment at CERN, where she helps in the construction of the new CMS outer tracker and does analysis to determine the mass of the top quark with high precision. She fights her code – a lot.

photo of a smiling young woman wearing a helmet and standing in front of a huge particle detector
Ana at CERN.

Ana came from Barcelona via Geneva to Hamburg, where aside from physics and science outreach activities, she loves doing sports. She plays football in the best team in Germany, Altona 93, and also loves rock climbing and bouldering.

photo of two young women in a soccer game, both are trying to get control over a football, a third woman in shown in the background
Ana playing for Altona 93.

Ana joined our video workshop in which Adam and Joseph helped participants to create a science video in just two days. We are amazed that this actually worked so well with our PhD students and Postdocs creating amazing videos. 🤩

Watch Ana’s video if you want to find out who wins in the end – Ana or the bugs in her code:

Theresa Schredelseker

As a molecular biologist by training, Theresa is currently trying to share her enthusiasm for science communication with early career researchers at DESY and Uni Hamburg.

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