Blogposts. Still a great format for Science Communication. And it’s actually how we started.

In our workshops “Science Communication I: Blog“, doctoral and postdoctoral researchers from DESY and Uni Hamburg create their own blogposts with the help of physicist and science communicator Michael Büker as well as molecular biologist and genetics blogger Theresa Schredelseker. You can find the products of these workshops below.

If you are an early stage career scientist at DESY or Uni Hamburg and missed the last workshop but still want to publish a blogpost to communicate your science, you can either keep an eye out on the workshop program of the PIER Education Platform, on which we recurrently offer the workshop, or simply reach out to us. We might schedule an individual coaching sessions for you in which we cover the basics about blogging on this website and then set you up with an authors profile in order for you to get started on your own. This Blog is open for contributions from all researchers from Uni Hamburg, DESY or other partner institutions on the Bahrenfeld research campus.