In September 2021, we offered a workshop on Podcasting to doctoral and postdoctoral researchers in which each participant recorded their very own Podcast episode with the help of physics podcaster Michael Büker. We were blown away by the results. Tune in:

  • Podcast Episode 7: Oindrila and Philine – STEMme #2
    Our seventh and final podcast for this season is also the second episode of the STEMme podcast. This time, Philine and Oindrila are interviewing, well, me, Theresa, about my PhD in genetics, my career switch...
  • Podcast Episode 6: Oindrila and Philine – STEMme #1
    In our sixth episode, we have Oindrila Ghosh and Philine van Vliet, two doctoral researchers in Theoretical High-Energy Physics, present the very first episode of the STEMme podcast, where they discuss the recent debate between...
  • Podcast Episode 5: Pranjal Trivedi
    In our fifth episode, Pranjal Trivedi, astrophysicist and cosmologist as a postdoctoral researcher at the Hamburg Observatory and the Quantum Universe Cluster of Excellence, talks about dark matter and the ongoing quest of finding it.
  • Podcast Episode 4: Caroline Heneka
    In our fourth podcast episode, Caroline Heneka, astrophysicist and postdoctoral researcher at the University of Hamburg and the Quantum Universe Cluster of Excellence, talks about new telescopes and how to look for the first ever...
  • Podcast Episode 3: Elaf Musa
    Listen to Elaf Musa, Experimental Physicist at DESY and PhD student at University of Hamburg, talking about proton therapy as a cancer treatment.
  • Podcast Episode 2: Hope Bretscher
    In our second podcast episode, Hope Bretscher, Postdoc at the MPI for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter, reflects on objectivity in science.
  • Podcast Episode 1: Niels Giesselmann
    In our first podcast episode, Niels Giesselmann talks about nanoconfined water and the struggles he faced when he started his PhD thesis at DESY right at the peak of a pandemic lockdown.
  • Listen! Our Podcast Trailer is here
    It’s September and we are very excited to venture new grounds with Science Chatter Hamburg: We go Podcast! Listen to our trailer and stay tuned for several episodes full of nerdy science talk from our...