Our #SciComm Coaches

We believe that science is communicated best throught the active researchers themselves. However, to get their story out, some of them apprecaite a little bit of help from people who are already experienced in the Science Communication format of their choice.

Theresa Schredelseker

Theresa. Photo: Klaus Polkowski / University of Freiburg

Theresa has a background in molecular biology, genetics, and zebrafish brains. She is convinced that everybody would agree with her that genes are the most interesting things in the universe if they only knew enough about them. This she is trying to prove with her award-winning blog, The Gene of the Week. After her PhD she entered Science Management as Postdoc coordinator for PIER. There she shares her passion for Science Communication with PhD students and Postdocs in workshops. Since she does not want to convey only theoretical knowledge, she created “Science Chatter Hamburg” as a plattform on which Hamburg-based researchers can reach out to a public audience.

Michael Büker holding a book. The photograph was taken by Ravi Sejk at the Planterium in Bochum.
Michael. Photo: Ravi Sejk / Planetarium Bochum

Michael Büker

In both the Blog and Podcast workshops we work together with Michael Büker. Michael has worked in science communication since his graduation in physics in 2012. He’s part of one of Germany’s most popular physics podcasts, writes books and articles about physics, astronomy and spaceflight and has appeared on numerous radio and TV programs.

Philipp Gadow

For our Science Slam workshop, we are happy to have Philipp Gadow coaching our researchers. Philipp is a researcher in elementary particle physics at DESY, member of the ATLAS experiment and searching for exotic phenomena in proton-proton collisions. He is an experienced Science Slammer who performed on stage numerous times. Check out some of his slams (mostly in German at YouTube).

Adam Polczyk

Adam. Photo: Simon Wegener.

For our Video workshop we were lucky enough to be able to work with Adam Polczyk. Adam studied geography, African studies and prehistory and early history at the University of Cologne until 2008. Alongside his master’s degree, he oriented himself early on towards the media industry. Since 2003, he has been working as a freelance cameraman and editor for various institutions and companies. In addition, since 2007 he worked as a lecturer for video journalism and science communication. Adam is currently employed as a multimedia editor in the press office of the University of Cologne and is responsible for the multimedia public relations of the entire university.

Joseph Piergrossi

portrait photo of a smiling man with long black hair, a beard and glasses, wearing a purple shirt
Joseph. Photo: DESY / Marta Mayer.

Our second instructor for the Video workshop was Joseph Piergrossi. Joseph is responsible for social media and particle physics communication in DESY’s Press and Communications group. Trained as a science writer and educator, he has developed scripts, produced videos, and done voiceover and podcast work, mostly for science institutes but also independently.