How Science Chatter Hamburg started

Science Chatter Hamburg was born when Theresa reached out to Michael: “Hey, I would like to offer trainings in Science Communication for PhD students and Postdocs at DESY and Universität Hamburg. But instead of just talking about it, I would like to directly create outreach products with them which I want to publish, so that the participants can proudly share the link in their networks. Wanna help me with that?” – “Sure, count me in”, Michael replied, and Science Chatter Hamburg was born. 🙂

So what you see here is a plattform on which researchers of DESY and Universität Hamburg can present science to the world. They either talk, write or show about their own research or share some other ideas about science, research or academia.

A first set of Blog Posts was published by the participants of the first Science Communication workshop organized through the PIER Education Platform.

In this workshop, which was held on March 11th and 12th 2021, participants created their own Blog Posts with the help of Michael Büker, physicist and successful science communicator, and Theresa Schredelseker, molecular biologist and science blogger. This workshop was a blast and we are amazed by the results. Thus, we will repeat this workshop in January and February 2022.

In September 2021, we held our podcasting workshop and recorded 7 amazing podcast episodes. The recording and editing was amazingly done by Michael, who is well known from the “Sag mal, du als Physiker” Podcast.